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Optic 2001 @ the warehouse


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wow! this was one of the coolest nights i've been to in a really long time.

arrived to see sneak tearing up the decks, and he wasn't nearly as sloppy as i had heard in the past. he had the U of T crowd a movin' and groovin'

i thought that sneak was going to be tough to beat... 'til montreal's fred everything took to the decks. wow again. and whatever that last track he played was, it was siiiiick. hard pumping house beat with an incredible sax solo. phew! blew my mind.

then, the man i had actually come to see. hubba bubba steps up to a pretty packed house. i'm not sure, but i think that that was the biggest crowd he's played to. and my god, he didn't disappoint. the transition to breaks from house was seamless, and mixing was top notch the whole way through. i didn't really think it was a breaks crowd, 'til i saw all the breakers come out. wow again. hubba bubba owns the rights to the best breaks set i've heard since d-monic's little do @ the last connected. you should have seen him dancing around on stage! way to go dude.

to lindsey, mike, alex and the whole optic crew: well done.

ecstasy riot

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AHAHHA! those flyers were all over my residence and they even came into my anthropology class and showed some cheezy 1 minute movie.. it was so cute.


Yeah I think that was a good party last night! Just wish I could remember more of it! In case you're wondering, I was the guy gnawing my water-bottle cap to dust in an unexpected frenzy. Too bad people started leaving early...damn college crowd!

Big Ups to everyone involved

- DeepGroove aka Jason


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I noticed nobody commented on the visuals.

I missed this party, but wasn't there supposed to be some huge crazy light/video/architectural eye candy setup going on?
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