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Opinions on the E-MU emulator

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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In theory it's a great idea! In practice it's probably a great idea too, if you don't have to gig with a sampler (you could take your computer).

PCI card to take the strain off of your computer - no MIDI/USB/SCSI data transfer required as it's integrated.

the connectivity looks great too...midi/firewire/spdif and adat = great...plus the 1/4" balanced ins and outs are wonderful when you look at all the crappy likkle RCA connectors on many of the other similar products.

Excellent options for mixing within or without a sequencer as a VSTi or standalone sampler.

All in all, it looks like it's taking the leap of making a better sampler out of the computer.

The biggest deal is the DSP that will reduce strain on your computer's CPU...this will be great for people who run massive amounts of audio channels with all sorts of VST fx and dynamics etc.

The support for all the various formats looks pretty near complete too.

Let's look at minimum requirements...

a) no mac support - boo ;)
b) 2 PCI slots? wow.
c) the minimum requirements 1.5 GhzPIII with 512Mb ram seem actually kind of high for something that has it's own DSP...but most people producing music would have a bit more under the hood by now anyway... + the DSP will hopefully let the computer utilize the CPU much more efficiently.

all in all, me likey so far. 2 PCI cards vs. a break out box will keep the studio nice and clean...but accessibility to the connectors may be a little sacrificed.
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