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Open mic...


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Aight, so this thread is just to post some verses...can be freestyle, can be written. Doesn't have to be battle rhymes...

Just flow.

I got the weight of this fucked up hip hop state upon my shoulders.
So I write words to paragraphs upon papers, stuffing folders.
Stop thinking you rock, or I'll start throwin boudlers.
I'm growing older.
Still flowing bolder.
Nothing changes as your hot in herre style gets colder.
Fellas on the Dash, chasing the paper stacks.
I wanna make cash, but not at the cost of my backpack.
Keep this art pure, and it will love you back.
Cars, cash, hoes...skill and authenticity is what you lack.
Keeping a cool head, while yall playas can overheat.
I'll be rebooting wackness with a lyrical CTRL-ALT-DEL
Kick it forreal, theres no need for neptune's beat.
If you won't take a stand, then you better take a seat.
Claiming you're gangsta, okay if you say so.
Million dollar production? You rhymes aren't worth 50 pesos.
All you do is pimp Hip Hop, got her stuck in da club.
Her dignity traded, for spinners and bottles of bub.
I'm coming for your hostage, bombing, so run for cover.
Misguided and degraded, but I will always love H.E.R.
Its time to take hip hop back, the revolution won't be televised.
But I guess you can't realize, with all that ice in your eyes.
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No judgements or criticisms (unless welcomed)...

Feel free to just post. I'm just trying to promote some expression in here...


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It's just kindof run of the mill stuff.

It seems kindof like someone trying to emulate the sound of the some of the backpackers, without having their own style. They're show skill in rhyme writing for sure, but need more originality.
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Originally posted by R4V4G3D_SKU11S
Hold up there bucko - never claimed anything.

He said he wanted criticism, so I went ahead.

It's all good. The criticism was somewhat constructive. I took no offence.
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Four Twenty

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Here i am here i am, finally outta the home
bored as fuck at work, jus wanna be left alone
but this manager of mine has to pick this bone
1 more word outta him, imma split his dome
shoulda tuck'd his tail between his legs and hid in his office
so he can enjoy a nice game of pool right outta his pocket
but one thing's for sure, he don't get it, when i flip him the bird
he jus sits and stares like a retard who's lost for words
the bird means FUCK YOU now you've heard, the wrath
and the aftermath is so much alike,
fuck talkin, throw down and fight
these office politics is really startin to annoy
gettin' ass fuck'd by these supers, my ass is gettin sore
is work a chore ? it's more like probation
doesn't matter who's productive, kiss ass = a promotion
that shit dont make sense to me like bitches gettin circumcisions
so if you work for a slave driving nazi
dont be surprised to find them at college park buried !!!!!! LOL :p
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I search for new thought, heavily weeded
Inspiration is lacking, steadily depleted
Through exhaustion, passing by caution
Towards the wind I’ll be tossin
Busting through warning signs with no time to heed em
Crowd hungry for rhymes, begging me to feed em
And then I drop it
No way to stop it
Every head contacted wants to cop it
Flying off the shelves with no time to re-stock it
Take this beat, and pop and lock it
I can even show Herbie Hancock how to Rock it
Flow catalyst, setting off synaptics
Gold medalist in these rap gymnastics
On the mic I employ Gestapo tactics
Spit flame to destroy MCs that lack this
Love for the elements
I keep tellin kids
I be flippin lids
Of those who flow horrid
So learn to control your id
Or find your ass in detention
I’ve got so much flow, I suffer from water retention
And not to mention
I force wack MCs to retire without a pension

Four Twenty

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Born and raised in the face of adversity
Couldn't hold my own, partnered up wit four twenty
Many nights alone, nothin to do but blaze plenty
living in poverty and workin for the hard penny
but nuff bout me, how about society ?
welfare cheques hardly provides for a family
got everyone hustlin', it's all about C.R.E.A.M.
every video played increases their street dreams
we ain't all carryin' gats, not what it seems
gotta provide for these kids and this queen
keepin the nose clean, you know how it's like
fuck the fight, don't believe the hype, kiss ur girl goodnight
and light the pipe wit something you like :)

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Where are the verses?!?!

Don't be shy, I know you got flow.

P.S. Yes I do realize I use flow in every other sentence.


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'bboyrds talking about his flow
you can rhyme in a porsche
and your shit would still be fucking slow'



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work sucks

fight everyday monotony
light Mary Jane's botany
release the flow I got in me
what the hell is stopping me?
time to face facts
just can't relax
pick up the pad and pen
goddamn I'm at it again
striking cords on your spinal
blowin up vinyl
cocaine on wax
killin it like Coltrane on sax
who blew notes for Blue Note
rds got the true note
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