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Open Doors 2014


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So did anybody go see any interesting places? I wanted to go out to some far flung corners of the city but stuck mainly downtown for the "ghost"-related sites.

1. Queen's Park - Second time here. Unsurprisingly the big draw here is the history. The portraits of the various government people are awesome especially seeing how the manner of dress changes over the years. And seeing how Ms Westons portrait is so wickedly distinct. The actual legislature area seems smaller than on TV but the lieutenant governers' section is pretty cool.

2. Osgoode Hall - The building is in quite good shape. By the time we got here the crowds had come out so it was quite busy. I was surprised that courtrooms made in the mid 1800s are still in use, although renovated to various extents. Interesting view of the working building.

3. Old City Hall - Disappointment. Only a small part of the building was open and it's just a small courtroom. My first time in there though and it seems like a good place to fill out forms.

4. Eglin Theatre - Seems like a good venue and had the opportunity to sit in the box seats and decided the vantage point isn't very good.

5. Mackenzie House - Very interesting place and surprised the house was not more ornate. It's presented as a "see how it was in the past" thing with the people dressed in period styles. Interesting fact: Mackenzie was friends with the guy who started Consumers Gas and Dominion Bank, which I find interested due to the fact that he was a rebellion-fomenting rabble rouser, usually not a good place from which to start significant businesses.

6. C|MU College of Makeup Art & Design - It's a school now and seemed more like a sales pitch for this college.

7. The Alumnae Theatre - This place gave me the creeps but I'm now tracking the productions here for future attendance.

8. Stone Distillery - Disappointed as we couldn't really explore - the place is fully converted for use for commercial tenants.
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