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Open concept offices


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I used to complain about cubicles.

Then I started working for Japanese companies which seem to be all open concept offices. I think they do this as a combination of being able to (1) berate anyone publicly at any time and (2) to squeeze in as many salarymen as possible.

I've since learned to hate the open office even more than a cubicled or semi-cubicled office.

However, lots of savvy Canadian companies have open office concepts that are not sardine cans and offer pretty cool workspaces.

As I slllooowwwwllllyyy look for a change I'm noticing I'm caring a lot more about the physical space where I work. The Japanese sardine can tends to be noisy, gossip ridden, and you can never get away from people even when you need to. The cube tends to be too isolationist.

Tell me companies that meet the happy medium.

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