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Oops thats not my taser.

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by NXUS12, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. NXUS12

    NXUS12 TRIBE Member

    I find it hard to believe that a trained professional could mistake his gun for the much lighter yellow handled taser on the opposite side.

    (Reuters) - A white transit police officer was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter on Thursday in the videotaped shooting death of an unarmed black man that triggered a night of rioting in Oakland, California.

    The defendant in the racially charged trial, Johannes Mehserle, 28, testified that he mistakenly drew his pistol instead of his electric Taser weapon and shot Oscar Grant, 22, while trying to subdue him during a New Year's Day 2009 confrontation.

    But prosecutors said in closing arguments that Mehserle "lost all control" and intentionally shot Grant because he was resisting arrest.

    The Los Angeles County jury of four men and eight women deliberated for about six hours over two days before reaching their verdict, indicating they essentially believed Mehserle's account that he shot Grant accidentally.

    Juries can find a defendant guilty of involuntary manslaughter if they believe he lacked the intent to kill but that his actions were so grossly negligent that he should be held criminally responsible for them.

    Legal experts have said involuntary manslaughter is generally punishable by two to four years in prison. It is rare for a law enforcement officer to be charged with murder in connection with an on-duty shooting.

    Police in Oakland, across the Bay to the east of San Francisco, moved to a tactical alert status as they braced for the possibility of renewed violence following the verdict. But civic leaders appealed for calm.

    Demonstrations by supporters of Grant, a young father who worked as a grocery store butcher, were planned in Oakland and Los Angeles.

    "We don't know if we're going to have a riot or a celebration, but either way we're going to have one," protester Cindy Delgado said outside the downtown Los Angeles courthouse before the verdict was announced.

    "I'm concerned about riots. I don't want to be hit by a bottle," said Francisco Raygoza, 30, an accountant leaving work in San Francisco. "Our office manager said leave as soon as you can."

    Video footage of the slaying shown widely over the Internet and television, appeared to show Grant lying face down on the train platform when he was shot in the back. Mehserle was seen holstering his gun immediately afterward and putting his hands on his head as in disbelief.
  2. MOD ONE

    MOD ONE TRIBE Member

    It's pretty messed up shit, but it's near the end it almost doesn't seem real.

  3. rentboy

    rentboy TRIBE Member

    that's really messed up.
  4. ndrwrld

    ndrwrld TRIBE Member

    no way that white cop is going into gen pop.
    messed up.
  5. Maui

    Maui TRIBE Member

    "It is rare for a law enforcement officer to be charged with murder in connection with an on-duty shooting."

    See if cops know that no matter what they do they are not going to be held accountable for anything why would they give a shit about your rights or even whether you live or die?
  6. Maui

    Maui TRIBE Member

    What's the story as far as circumstances. Why was he being arrested? Looks like he is just sitting there. Protest?

    Also doesn't look like he is resisting. Looks like he is face down with a cops knee on his head and another cop on his back and he's cuffed. :confused:
    If what he is doing is resisting, you best not ever see what I look like resisting.

    Just another reason taser's are way out of control...
  7. MOD ONE

    MOD ONE TRIBE Member

    I'm banning Oakland as one place to never go. If their own cops don't know how to use thier weapons, and get away with a so called accident like this. Unfortnetly that cop will not go to jail because they can spin the story any way they want it.
  8. Dirty Girl

    Dirty Girl TRIBE Member

    funny for someone that "accidently" just shot someone, he doesnt to upset or concerned about it.
  9. Musical Rush

    Musical Rush TRIBE Member

    he had a shocked look on his face.. emotions kick in later
  10. Dirty Girl

    Dirty Girl TRIBE Member

    ^pfft for all of 10 seconds..... tell it to the judge buddy. :p
  11. Musical Rush

    Musical Rush TRIBE Member

    As a cop you're suppose to stay in control not matter what happens. He still had a job to do with a bunch of pissed off people around him. I don't think that was the right time to sit down, then rock back and forth, crying about what just had happened.

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