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Oops, I'm single again: Britney


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not that i care, but im sure someone else here will appreciate this.

Oops, I'm Single Again


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Britney's Wee Bit Of Bother

Singer Britney Spears is reported to have split from her boyfriend Justin Timberlake.

The 20-year-old and 'NSync singer Timberlake were said to have ended their relationship a week ago.

Reports blame the break up on the couple's hectic work schedules.


Britney recently denied rumours she and Timberlake were planning to get married on Valentine's Day but revealed they were engaged.

Speaking in January, she said: "We do want to get married and have kids and stuff like that - however, maybe in 15 years time."

Mickey Mouse

They had been together for two years but first met on Disney TV show The Mickey Mouse Club in 1993.

They appeared singing and dancing wearing mouse ears.

Last Updated: 11:41 UK, Monday March 11, 2002



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OH NO!!!



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Originally posted by Bass-Invader
Britney's Wee Bit Of Bother

Pop queen Britney Spears fled for cover after having urine thrown at her as she filmed a TV ad.

The star was bombed with buckets of urine by angry neighbours as she sang on location in the early hours of the morning, according to the News of the World.

Residents staged their protest at around 4am in downtown Los Angeles, hurling bucket-loads at the 21-year-old singer as she performed in the street below.

Fled for cover

The star fled for cover in a nearby trailer and filming was abandoned shortly afterwards, the paper reports.

One resident reportedly said: "Sure, I opened the window and yelled shut-up - but I would never have done such a vile thing."

But the resident added: "We kept hearing the same song over and over but what made it worse were two 100ft spotlights. They lit up our apartment like it was daytime.

Started screaming

"Lots of people in the block opened their windows and started screaming at her.

"Britney certainly didn't deserve the bucket treatment. She's a brilliant singer ... but perhaps not when you're trying to get to sleep".

Last Updated: 10:08 UK, Sunday March 10, 2002
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Hit me babyone more time.....

From msn.co.uk Monday 11 March 11:37

Britney denies split
Millions of male hearts break again
Britney Spears has denied that her relationship with Justin Timberlake is at an end. ‘We’re not splitting up,’ she told MTV in an interview. It was reported that Britney and Justin had separated because of the huge media pressure on them. Some said that the speculation about their love life was too much, and some reports claimed that the fact that their schedules force them to spend more and more time apart had been problematic.

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