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ooh la la ah wee wee...okay playa!

that 420 guy

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what an incredible show!

after months of teasing and anticipation, the okay player tour finally touched down in toronto.

we got there around 8pm. mastermind was bringin out all of the phattest joints. pure anthems to get the crowd hype for the show.

a couple heinekens and stompin beats later, the roots took the stage.

i have not heard live hip hop in the longest time. it's been a while since i heard a live band at that! the roots are incredible musicians.

take a look at the only pik i got to take last night. also notice the security by the speaker who made me check my camera after i took this pik.


i was curious how they were going to get all of the acts on stage...and to my surprise the entire concert was just one big jam with the roots providin all of the background music.

talib kweli brought mad energy to the stage next, followed by the sexxxy soulful voices of the jazzy fat nasties...but the energy explosion landed when slum village hit the stage! man, these niggas gave new meaning to the word hype! they were feelin it, no doubt! crazeeeee....

i was really looking forward to the queen lyricist bahamadia to throw down, and she assaulted the toronto massive with her distinct and fluid lyrical flow.

the crowd lost it when bahamadia asked "is it true that toronto is the drum and bass capital of north america?" and then proceeded to drop 'new forms', the track she appeared on for roni size.

but the highlight for my night had to be the guru. i have wanted to hear this master lyricist perform since the daze of gangstarr. his voice, his style, his energy are unmatched in the world of hip hop.

jam after jam, the okay playa krew mixed it up for one sweet evening of live hip hop music. you never knew who would come out next to throw down.

the encore was the entire okay player krew joining the roots for 'i shall proceed and continue to rock the mic', including special guest choclair.

toronto hip hop is blowin up.

i was glad to be a part of the last okay player tour of 2000...now if only rhazel showed up for the concert. where the hell wuz he? i kept on thinkin 'maybe he'll be the encore'...but the godfather of noise was nowhere to be found.

it was great hanging with you hmha, d-cypher, i lix, and i hope you are feeling better jane.

9/10 for the okay player tour, rhazel would have made it a perfect show.


- that okay guy
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Ranks in my top five shows of all time. (The other four would be KRS at the Opera House a few years back, and the three other times I've seen the Roots.)

Kamal and Scratch were absentees also, but I'd say the rest of the crew held it down fine.


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Originally posted by that 420 guy:
i hope you are feeling better jane.

i am, thanks.

unfortunately i had to leave the jam midway, about 20 minutes after bahamadia was done, but what i did catch was off the hook.

bahamadia and slum village were the highlights for me.

nice to chill with hmha, 420, i lix & d-cypher...
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....Lemonade was popular drink and it still is..I get more props and stunts than Bruce Willis.
I poet like Lanston Huosey...I can't loose; when I am on the express way.

Man! that lyric was sung???

That is a classic lyric.


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Originally posted by that 420 guy:
lemonade was a popular drink and it still is.

- that more props than bruce willis guy

"I say Muhammad Ali, you say Cassius Clay
I say butter, you say Parkay"

that 420 guru & patio-nice


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WoW! All I can say is...OFF THE FUCKIN' HOOK! Just days ago, I wrote my review of DJ Craze VS. Rahzel claiming it to be one of the parties of the year, but nooo way!! The OKAYPLAYER tour absolutely TORE IT UP!

Nice to meet all the reprazentin' TBK: 420 Guy (nice summary, shitty buzz about the pix), i lix (u got some energy girl!), and Janiecakes (u got some good disappearin' skills! hehe j/k....hope u feel better). For all those who weren't there, i hate to rub it in, but u missed somethin real special...BUT they'll all be back soon nuff!

Star of the night: my man Talib Kweli--this bwoy's got mad hype and untouchable rhymes. Close runner up was my lady Bahamidia...girl knows where it's at! Respect to all of them though, especially Choclair and MOP who camio'd (sp?!)...too bad rahzel didn't reprazent again though.

aiight, that's it

Evan K
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This show was definitely worth waiting another month for. Non-stop blunted action!

Favourite moments from the show:

-Hearing Mastermind play "They Reminise Over You" and "Straighten it out" b2b.

-Seeing Bahamadia finally. She was incredible but c'mon, like no tunes off her first record.

-"Mass Appeal" - Guru, what?!?

-Slum Village, leaving right where TCQ left off.

such a good vibe, hip-hop was definitely alive this night!!!

Peace and Love,

Kid Sean


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Originally posted by patio-d:
Ranks in my top five shows of all time. (The other four would be KRS at the Opera House a few years back, and the three other times I've seen the Roots.)

Kamal and Scratch were absentees also, but I'd say the rest of the crew held it down fine.

OMG, when KRS came to Opera house a few years back, that show was crazy!! Remember when he was throwing tennis balls out with his tag on them..HYPE
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