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.oO ( Weekend Thread! )


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So what's everyone up to this Hallmark Holiday Day Weekend?

Tonight: Q-Bert @ System
Thursday: Counter Strike :p
Friday: Work overtime, meet up with Sunny?
Saturday: Work overtime, Snowboarding, System 4 Cajmere?
Sunday: Work overtime? Snowboarding!

pr0nstar :D

dj Red Turtle

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Wed : QBERT !!!
Thurs : Playing at LibraLove
Fri : Playing at System. Wait till you see the surprise guest ;)
Sat : Auto Show
Sun : Relax


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Originally posted by dj Red Turtle
Wed : QBERT !!!
Thurs : Playing at LibraLove
Fri : Playing at System. Wait till you see the surprise guest ;)
Sat : Auto Show
Sun : snowboard


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Friday.. work then travel to Montreal

Saturday... Snowboarding at Tremblant, the the IDJ party my sister's playing at

Sunday... recover from snowboarding at Tremblant and the IDJ party, long drive home.:D
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Thursday: going to Montreal to get on a plane to Europe for 2 weeks
Friday: partying in london
Saturday: see above
Sunday: recovering and going to belfast for a couple days


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Tonight: Ultimate!
Thursday: LibraLovin'... had me a blast
Friday: Get lucky on Friday the 13th
Saturday: Guelph with Kiseka and then back to TO for soem after hours bizness

Hawk Eye

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Tonight: homework, Pilates +tv
Thursday: school, then step class
Thursday Night: homework + tv
Friday: school, then homework
Saturday: homework, clean up room, maybe go to bar with roommates
Sunday: homework, roommate dinner.

my life is just so exciting!:rolleyes:


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tonight: seeing 50 first dates
thurdsday: maybe libralove for a bit, we'll see. it's thursday and i don't go out on weeknights....
friday: nuttin.
saturday: maybe head up to blue for a bit o skiing
sunday: hockey, pot luck at my aunt's house.
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tonight - qbert if i feel up to it
tomorrow - LL @ Madbar
friday - system
saturday - auto show with the boy (ugh) followed by a dinner made especially for me by the boy. leisure party for jason hodges
sunday - absolutely nothing


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Friday - take it easy for a change. and this time I MEAN IT.
Saturday AM - Farmers Market!!! YAY! I'm going to find myself a new butterfly ring hopefully.
Saturday PM - ???
a *possible* Lobster dinner Saturday.

I hope. :)
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this is an extended weekend for me ... [reading week]

wednesday: stats assignment, electromagnetics lab report
thursday: night class, followed by possibly going to a bar
friday: maybe a techno-kegger, maybe akufen, maybe max graham, maybe nothing
saturday: valentine's day, no plans yet except to spend the day with my girlfriend
sunday: go home to brampton for reading week
monday: homework! study for electromagnetics and cost accounting midterms
tuesday: like monday, only possibly go to the frankie guns ol'skool jungle night featuring MC $3 pints
wednesday: like monday, maybe see a few friends
thursday: like monday, friends again
friday: like monday, maybe see stacey pullen in hamilton
saturday: maybe see an opera at the living arts centre, and afterward celebrate my friend's birthday
sunday: back to school


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Originally posted by Soundstream
When did you start DJing? Oh wait ... I remember ...

Those are the only tables I've ever played on. Allison and I were scratching with Disney records....

This weekend I'm going under the knife, so I'll be TKOed and just trying to get things on track for Monday.
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