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Ontario Cannabis Store hack takes service offline for days and counting, customer data may be impacted


Staff member
So the OCS system has been offline for days now because they claim "their" "third party" supplier was hacked. They keep saying they are working to fix the issue so ordering can resume.

There was no mention of whether customer data was impacted by the hack. When I posted @ them on twitter about this, they rushed out a press release saying that customer data wasn't impacted. But who is to believe them? They still can't get their system back up after days so how do they even know? They gave no further details about the hack and why it has not been resolved. They gave no data about how OCS customer data was protected before and during the hack. Clearly this customer ordering data is sensitive information that could prevent things like border crossings, for example, which is why a Ontarians need to know, clearly, how their private information is protected by this seemingly unaccountable quasi government agency.
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