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Online release of *every* recorded Hulla set


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How awesome is this???


Announcing the Hullabaloo Complete Archival Project

Featuring the online release of EVERY recorded Hullabaloo set!

Yes, you read correctly, we're releasing EVERY live set we have from Hullabaloo! The Hulla tape library is one of the biggest rave tape libraries in existance, and a virtual history of hardcore raving in North America!

Due to bandwidth constraints we will be releasing a new mix once a week, starting with the oldest. You're going to be able to follow the emergence of Hullabaloo and happy hardcore set by set, party to party. Every set is historical in some way, and most of these sets feature the north american debut of virtually every happy hardcore song you can think of. Most of the visiting UK DJs made their north american debut at Hulla as well, so you'll be hearing a lot of first times.

I'll not only be releasing every set that was previously released through the HullaStore, but as well as any sets that never saw a CD/tape release previously. As long as we have it captured somewhere, it will make it online. Most of our library is hardcore related, but we also have our 2nd Arena headliners recorded featuring trance and hardhouse.

This is all part of a larger more complete archival project. In the coming months we will be posting EVERY picture in my archives from Hulla, as well as encoding video clips. The result will be a complete archive of one of the most important rave movements, online forever for future generations to enjoy and learn from. It was a special time for all of us who were there, and now those nights will live on forever.

A link for each mix will be posted in the new Hulla Recordings forum. People can respond to each thread with their comments or track IDs. I'll also write up a little blurb going over a little of the history of each set.

When this is done, hundreds of hours of live recordings will be here. What's exciting about having this library is that all these parties can be relived forever, instead of forgotten once the sun came up. It was a time when giants walked the earth and we can go back whenever we want.


Q: So where can we download them?
A: At the new Hulla Recordings forum on our board.

Q: Can we post the mixes elsewhere, like a P2P?
A: I won't stop you. Just keep the file names unchanged.

Q: Can I request a set to be released?
A: We'll work through them slowly. I won't be jumping the order, so you'll just have to wait for your favorites to turn up.

Q: What quality will the files be encoded at?
A: 128k 44khz MP3

Q: Will you be posting track listings?
A: I won't be, but a new thread will be created for each release and the trainspotters can fill those in.

Q: I have an internet radio show, can we play your recordings?
A: Knock yourself out, just make sure you tell your listeners where it comes from.

Q: Can we link to your MP3s directly from our website?
A: The files are protected against that, you'll have to direct people here first and then they'll follow the links themselves.

Q: I really want to hear the All Good Things sets, how long do we have to wait for those?
A: You'll be waiting well over a year. At the release rate of one a week, it's going to take a long time to get through everything. The box sets will still be for sale while supplies last so I'd suggest getting one now which will also score you a nice case to keep it in.

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That Druid set is one of my favorite sets of all tiem any genre, did anyone torrent it? torrents dont work for me but I'd love this set if someones got it please pm me.
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