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Online Petitions - Do They Work and Which to Support?

Klubmasta Will

TRIBE Member
do any of you get openmedia emails asking you to sign online petitions? i think i got on their mailing list when i signed the online petition about 3 years ago to convince the CRTC to review its position on UBB over DSL. at the time, i didn't fully understand the issue, but a ton of people whose opinions i respect, including a bunch on this board, wrote convincing pieces about why that movement was important to the future of the internet, or at least the cost of our access to the internet.

today, i get requests from openmedia to sign online petition once every few days. i've signed a few of them (the ones that are particularly convincing), but i sometimes have a nagging doubt that comes with taking a stand on an issue without having heard the arguments on the other side. if i don't have time to fully research an issue, is it irresponsible to take a stand on that issue?

case in point: today, openmedia asked me to sign this petition: The Day We Fight Back

does anyone have a view that they'd care to share on this issue? is openmedia a trusted enough source that one could feel somewhat comfortable supporting any petition they send out?

and how effective are online petitions anyway?
Stop Bill C-10

Sal De Ban

TRIBE Member
((((((share)))))) this post if you L*O*V*E* dolphins....<(<(<LIKE>)>)> if you agree that most birds have feet *****SIGN****** this ***IMPORTANT*** petition if you are OUTRAGED at the INJUSTICE of GLOBAL WARMING

Klubmasta Will

TRIBE Member
i signed the dolphins one. it was to tell some country that is currently luring in dolphins to slaughter in some bay to stop it or else they would face our wrath. *shakes fist*

so does this mean that you ignore all online petition requests?

i also signed the online petition to help bring that lady back from cuba so she could attend her son's funeral. then i got an email back saying thanks cuz it worked. http://www.change.org/en-CA/petitio...to-canada-for-her-son-s-funeral-this-saturday