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online hotel reservations

Booty Bits

TRIBE Member
hey guys

my bf and i are planning a trip to boston in a few weeks and are trying to find some good hotel deals online.
we found a really, really good price on a 4 star hotel on hotwire.com but i am very concerned that its a scam and we are going to be ripped off.
see, theres this caveat where they give you the area, the star rating and the amenities of the hotel, but you dont find out the name and address of the hotel until after you've booked.
i searched around online and found tons of people complaining about airline bookings through hotwire, but not alot of serious complaints about the hotel bookings.

can anyone shed some light on either the reliability of hotwire or any other recommendations for online hotel bookings?

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any reputable business would be upfront about the name of the hotel, right?

sounds fishy.
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I usually just find the hotel I want to stay and skulk around the website to look for a manager's special or web special and haggle over the phone about room rates.

As far as websites go, have you tried http://ca.hotels.com


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I've used both expedia and itravel for hotel bookings and never had any problems. As for priceline I haven't used it yet but it might be worth looking at.


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Originally posted by Booty Bits
have you personally used these services for hotel bookings?


I've used expedia and travelocity before. They're quite easy to use and legit.

If you need more info, let me know.


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Booty Bits

TRIBE Member
we found a fairly good booking through orbitz (not nearly as good as the hotwire one, but at least it gives us the name of the hotel first!)
so orbitz is legit as far as everyone knows?

Dr Funk MD

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Call a travel agent. They'll sort you out better then an online site. For the money you might save booking online you'll make up for with headaches and the inablility to speak to an actual person.


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Go with travelocity.

I've used it dozens of times to book hotel rooms, car rentals, plane tickets etc and I've never had any problems. It gives you ratings, feed-back, reviews and all the details that you need (including contact numbers if you want to confirm reservations, or have additional questions).
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