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Online archive of Toronto Rave History!


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Hey everyone.

Just a heads up about a website im really enjoying right now.

For those who remember, and those who want to know what it was like, http://cydonian.com/sigmaforum/ is run by Chris Smart, aka Sigma 7, Founder of Syrous.

Site includes tons of flyer scans, and Audio rips of early events and Radio Shows. Basically good memories of times gone by.

Check it out, register, and add your 2 cents.
The more material the better.

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TaCk OnE?

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Rich still has 5 years of torontojungle.com history on his hard drive or on discs some place I'm pretty sure.

too bad nobody can be bothered (or can afford) to keep that up any longer...there's some cool shit in there too.

this site's cool though....going to poke around some more.
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