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Onionz @ Life


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Where are the reviews? Did anyone actually go?

I'm just wondering if I missed out on a good night.
I went to hear Onionz
He rocked, played great shit.
I was surprised, cus some peeps that heard him b4 said they were dissapointed with the set they heard.
So i was a bit apprehensive about it all.
But, he rocked, great fuckin dance tunes.

The downside:
The place was dead
hardly anyone showed up
What gives??????
i thought it was a nice change to have more than enough room to dance. onionz rocked it... but yeah, it sucked there wasn't more people there to hear him... it was dead everywhere. even the guvernment had about 600 people which is dead for the guvernment which usually has 2,000 - 3,000 people every saturday.
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