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Onion rings


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very few places make decent onion rings.

apparently onion rings are an authetic french food.

I heard that from a friend...


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Licks seem to have changed Onion Ring suppliers. THey are pretty good now, bu twill never compare to Harvey's onion rings.


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Originally posted by j bunny 2000
Onion rings are the best Mr. F.

Especially with BBQ sauce !!

Thanks for making me hungry a-hole !

Get on MSN!

Too bad you dont work downtown. I'm getting a whole box of Krispy Kreme :D


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I love onion Rings! When is harvey's gonna bring back the "Lord of the Frings" deal?? Or just frings, but whatever!

I also love those greasy spoon diners that make onion rings, so greasy they make me breakout into spontaneous donuts in the parkinglot afterwards!


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cabbage rolls suck shit when they're cold too.

put the onion rings in the oven for a bit.

The Tesseract

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Originally posted by Mr_Furious
I'm getting a whole box of Krispy Kreme :D
most.... disgusting.....donut......ever.

They fry the fucking things in LARD! LAARD!! LAAARDD!!
god that's unhealthy.

besides... i dunno about you, but i like my doughnuts to NOT taste salty.


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Would you guys please leave this thread alone.... everytime it gets bumped up makes my day go by slower....which will make it feel that much longer before I can bite into my first ring... i think ill buy a couple large size rings. Or maybe a visit to the grocery store and get a big bag..... oh the possibilities*!!! :D



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Originally posted by Littlest Hobo
Burger Shack serves the best damn onion rings.

In fact, everything Burger Shack serves is tasty.
Agreed! My parents use to take us there when we were younger and it was always such a treat, way better than fast food!

I just had some onion rings at lunch, yummy!