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One of my drives in a RAID 5 failed...


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It finally happened after 4 years, but one of the drives in my NAS failed. It is in a RAID 5 config.

Since this is the first time this has happened to me, i'm a bit hazy on what the next thing to do is.
Must the drive be the EXACT same as the others? or is it just size? or both speed and size? or speed, size and cache?
No idea. Any help would be appreciated!
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Size just needs to be the same or larger. Be warned though, the extra space won't be used.

Speed and cache don't make a difference AFAIK, other than maybe for performance considerations.


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If isfor a web or database server, I recommend getting exactly the same drive as you are replacing.


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i ended up getting the exact same harddrive as before. It took about 27 hours to sync but everything is working like clockwork. hurrah!

This is exactly why i went for a raid config. Ever since my 'great harddrive crash of '06' i vowed to never lose precious data ever again.
That shit crushed me for weeks.
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Ya - good on ya. The peace of mind is great. You can find solutions that let you lump any drives together of any type - but some actually require identical drives, that was the smart play if unsure.


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sadly, it is.

I figured RAID5 was a pretty good way to go. I would love to do RAID10 but I don't shit out money as much as I would like. Out of all the people I know, I have the best budget solution to storing all my data. Most of them just use 1 external drive. That shit scares me