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one of martha stewart's dropped

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yay! I don't want Martha Stewart to get busted... they should lock up EVERYONE from ENRON and WORLDCOM before they go after her :p


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Originally posted by littlenutty
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!how many charges were um..... being charged?

They still have to deal with conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and two counts of lying to investigators.

slap on the wrist. The damage has already been done in the form of net worth loss. She has lost hundreds of millions of dollars from her net worth so even if they drop the rest of the charges, she got fucked hard!
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Check out the chart. It seems trading was suspended or was flat until the news broke. Since then up 13% and rising.

52-week target of $7.10.



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i agree that ruling was probably just.

but i still believe she dropped the stock when that broker had his assistant tell martha about the ceo dropping his stock.

i think she committed a crime, but unfortunately, the evidence just isn't there to prove it.

funniest line was that assistant who said 'baby put martha to bed' or something. they sure got that guy to rat. must've scared him bad.