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One Night Stands


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I have no idea where I met this guy, but he was very handsome, maybe 25 or 30. Why on earth they keep coming back to my house is really just a mystery.

I have the general impression that being directly blunt is the most successful way to pick up guys. Ok, it's also got me punched in the face, lacerated and put in the drunk tank before, but for all the successful lays it's scored, I think it's worth it.

me> "Hey. I think you're hot."
him> 25% of time ends up in my bed.

Is my gaydar THAT accurate? Or are all guys under 30 these days just looking for sex so badly that they'll take it from whichever gender is offering?

Can I get some feedback from some under 30 males, straight or gay, how you would take it if some random male stranger at a, say, upscale lounge just bluntly tells you that you're hot?

Anyway, he left just around dawn but forgot a bunch of things in my room, like lip balm, a couple lanyards with a key drive and some keys, etc. I have no idea how to get in touch with him. Do I keep this shit or throw it out? Do you think he'll come back to try to retrieve it? The keys don't look very important but there might be something necessary on the thumb drive.

KW is currently without gay bars. But available guys still seem to be everywhere. To anyone who is in the closet or frustrated, my advice is to just get out there, be blunt, or if that is too difficult, accept bluntness from others. Have fun! (safely)!

Also, how to return stuff to one night stands. I have a serious collection growing.

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