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one inch punch @ cream


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i've said it before and i'll say it again, MAN DO I LOVE CREAM!!! waht a patio and great way to warm up the evening.

then, the last hour and a half or so with back to back between ruby jay and red turtle, possibly the sickest tracks being thrown down. no filler here folks, ALL BIG PARTY TRACKS!!!

one of the best nights MUSICALLY that i've experienced in a while (other then the dukes @ mersini of course ;) ). house, prog, breaks, and back again. timo maas - shifter (!!), moby - body rock (remix??) on top of plump dj's - scram (at this moment the last 10 people there went absolutely fucking ballistic), so much more i can't even remember.

definitely a weekly that's not to be missed. you have a sweet patio, sick music, and cheap drinks. good fucking lord what else do you want! my new home on thursday nights. oh, and i forgot, fine ladies in the house too, YUM.


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Huge Thanks

Too my crew for dealin with one floor and all throwin' down serious sets:D
Vinder, what can I say, seeing you get down HARD to me and Turtle made my night. Seriously!!!
This is going to be night to be recond with:rolleyes:
Lots of diversity, booze, flirty girls(what I live for)

All I know is that you need to check this night out cause there is no way you wont have a great time.)


See ya all next week!!!

Here comes the sound!!!:cool:

dj Red Turtle

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Had the best time last night going back to back with Jay. It's all about the beats, patio, company, and those glow in the dark gin and tonic that Vinder got me into :D. All I can say is cute blonde girl with glasses rocking to house and breaks ....mmmmmmmmm.



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:) Sounded pretty good, I showed up real early, I didn't even know what was going on, but I spied Kevin and was filled in on the deal.

I'm sorry I left early, but I hadda work maaaan!

I met RUBYJAY, which was cool, always good to know a few new people (Rubin, Jay, I was Rob, chattin upstairs with you & Mike bout back-in-the-days) :)


the Doctor

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Originally posted by echootje
I'm sorry I left early, but I hadda work maaaan!

Ditto that! I hated leaving early :(

I thought that was you Rob. I know we've only met the once but I shoulda said hello (I was sitting out back on the patio benches/banquets/whatever they are). Next time....

'Twas a solid night, even though I left early. Will definitely come again and stay longer. Thanks to Oneinchpunch for putting me and friend on GL, I'm sure we'll need to use it next time.
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Nice One!!

Kinda crappy we couldn't open the upstairs..but twas a good night regardless...Red Turtle kicked it up a notch, oooo that helicopter track is damn fine!!! Left too early to catch the back2back shenanigans of Ruby Jay and the man they call Turtle..be doin' it again next week!!

Don't forget....JELO in two weeks time, should be large!