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One for the Road

Buddy Holly

TRIBE Member
I've put together another mix, some of the new(er) stuff that I got for my birthday and some of the older ones sitting in the shelves being used as a cat scratch post. This will probably be my last mix for quite some time so you can take it or leave it :). No hosting capabilities but I can mail out hard copies to those that want a listen. I don't mind.

Here is the tracklist. (42 min)

01) Tony Rohr "The Dirty Thirty"
02) Apoll "Systemleere"
03) Marco Carola "Express Yourself"
04) Tony Rohr "Sump Pump"
05) Apoll "Frequenzsperre"
06) G-Man "Enforcer"
07) Apoll "Lichtquadrant"
08) Jeff Mills "Alarms"
09) Jeff Mills "31J56-4"
10) Jeff Mills "Keaton's Theme"
11) G-Man "K.2"
12) Apoll "Wintermond"
13) Apoll "Der Klang des Schattens"
14) Marco Carola "Beginning"
15) Apoll "Takstinn"

Pm me if you want one.

Buddy Holly

TRIBE Member
Thanks for everyone's interest so far. I am printing off the covers today and mailing them this weekend so you should get them by Wednesday. Hope you enjoy!



TRIBE Member
Listening to this now.

thanks, L-T.

I'm at 'Alarms' at the moment. So far it's wicked!

nice smooth, slow pace. Great collection of textured tracks.

Was this inspired by your recent travels perhaps?

Lookin' forward to the rest of the cd.

nice cover art by the way.


TRIBE Member
awesome fucking mix!!!!

mr. mailman dropped it off earlier today... and I've already listened to it twice!

*listening to techno while driving always makes me speed! :p

thanks so much again for the magical disc of tunage! appreciate the wickedness of the whole situation.

Buddy Holly

TRIBE Member
Thanks guys for the kind words. It's always nice to hear that others enjoy the tunes as well. Glad you like!

Jeff the cover art are pictures from our trip in the summer.
Funny how things work out that way.

Thanks again!!




TRIBE Member
Arrived in the mail last night. I was suprised by how chilled out it was considering past mixes. Anyways it was smooth and consitently programmed -- I'll definitely be throwing it on again in the future. It must have been pretty hazy in that room when you were spinning... ;)

Buddy Holly

TRIBE Member
Thanks Brandon. Yeah, this cd is not as frenetic as my other ones, something a little different. The haze was thick (but not too thick;)) and only after I was finished. Had to give it a test run........;)



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yo LT this is just what the green sock ordered 'buddy'!!

as per usual steller tight mixing, some old with the new, mills and gman in a mix is good in my books :D

throwing down 15 tracks in 42 minutes is also a pat on the back....

a choice cd to "hang up the skates" for a bit ... don't make it permanent heard? :p

sweet cover bro, and the mail out i gotta say is generous of you ....

nice work LT, looking forward to jamming with you again real soon :)

stay true


Buddy Holly

TRIBE Member
Hey Doug! Thanks for the nice words. Love the cartoon :)

I'll be mailing out the rest of the cd's this week to all that asked for a copy. Hold tight. You should receive them by friday!!

Thanks again for your interest.



TRIBE Member
I love the europe photo cover. The green cross on the pharmacy is a give away!
Well done...yet again. Yeah this is less bang-ey for those interested in less bang-ey things. Always smoothly mixed and fun. My only complaint...too short. ;)