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one bedroom apartment available immediately


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i'm posting this on behalf of my best friend who needs to rent out an apartment in his house for the summer. the person who was going to take it backed out of the deal yesterday and has put him and his family in a bit of an akward situation.

the place: avenue and wilson area (nice, safe, and clean), nice 1 bedroom on the main floor, smoker/pets acceptable, includes a parking spot. available immediately until labour day.

the rent: $450 :eek:

the catch: the apartment is somewhat integrated with the household, you have your own seperate kitchen, dining room, and livingroom and a your own entrance, but to get to the bedroom you must walk across a hallway that is part of where the family lives. some interaction with his family would be unavoidable, also, loud music would not be appreciated or accepted.

this is ideal for a student.

pm me if you are interested.



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yes, i guess i wasn't to clear on that. the apartment is furnished to a degree (tables, couches, tv i think) and it is only to september. it's a summer sublet for their tenant who is going back home for the summer.
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