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Ondray: Elek-TEK Mix (May)


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Starts off mellow with a quick built to the dirty, dirty. Let me know what you think. cheers:cool:

Below is the download link:

http://www.ondray.net/live/video_popup.php/Ondray_Elek-Tek_Mix.mp3?filename=dl_file&showcase=true&id=12&download=1&start_dl=1] Click Here To Download

Elek-Tek Mix

1 Who's got the beat (Matthias Tanzmann Remix)
2 Blessed
3 Girls Don't like electro (Nasty Clubber Remix)
4 Tell me I'm pretty (Steve May Remix)
5 Feeling electro
6 Girls on top
7 Alias
8 Shake me
9 The end is getting closer (Twisted Remix)
10 Marathon man
11 Themeage
12 All I Wanna Do feat. Giaga