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once upon a time in mexico

pauly j

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anybody else seen the previews for this flick?

from what i've seen (ie cast list and storyline) it looks pretty fucking good.

pauly j.


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just did a quick scan in imdb and I see that Mickey Rourke, Enrique Iglesias and Cheech Marin are also in it, and it's directed by Robert Rodriguez who directed Desperado and El Miriachi.

sounds promising!
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Originally posted by fuzzy
Looks like a sequal to Desperado

But with more talent and bigger budget
Your right is a sequel or actually part three of a three part series that begain with El Miriachi.
It's apparently the final installment in the El Mariachi saga.

However, Johnny Depp did express interest in a fourth, possible spin off chapter (and from what I read in this month's Premiere, the idea is quite intriguing).


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i cant wait for this! desperado was one of my fave action movies.

isnt selma hayek also in this?