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On The Road: The Movie

Aerius Zension

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Not this one


From FOXNews
Coppola has owned the rights to Jack Kerouac’s beat classic, On the Road. Now—after much wrangling to get everything right—the most important novel of a generation is about to be translated into film.

This is of the same magnitude as if The Catcher in the Rye or A Confederacy of Dunces finally made the journey to celluloid.

Coppola confirmed for me yesterday that Joel Schumacher has been set as director, and that novelist Russell Banks’s screenplay looks good. What Coppola could not confirm, but seems to be the buzz, is the casting. According to sources knowledgeable about the Kerouac estate’s doings, two actors have settled into the primary roles. If all goes to plan, look for Billy Crudup as Kerouac and Brad Pitt as Dean Moriarity, the character based on Neal Cassady.

Maybe it’s too good to be true. It sounds it. But when I asked Coppola about the casting all he could say was, “I don’t know who Joel has in mind yet.”

Schumacher is an interesting and inspired choice for On the Road, especially after making Tigerland. He excels at male friendships, and is equally good at moving large ensembles of young people around. While Tigerland showed his talents lay in things other than John Grisham novels, On the Road could at last be the film that lands him award status and critical acclaim.



How could they possibly make this into a movie with all the shit they pulled. Although, William Buroughs books were made into films, so...
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Booty Bits

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its funny that Coppola is the one behind this cuz i have always felt that FFC and Allan Ginsberg are like...the same person.

okay this is probably only funny to me, but i can live with that.


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why's the author of the book stealing my Tribe name?

Booty, that's pretty good - never thought of the likeness before.

i'm not too disappointed. At least it's not another comic book movie or old show from the 70's.

Crudup's a great choice. Pitt, I'm not as enamoured with that call.

Even less, the Scumacher part. Such a hack, and he'll probably go pedal to the medal on the homoerotic bonding.

Dr Funk MD

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It was a good book but I never thought it would make a good movie. "First we hitchhiked here, then we got a job, then we quit the job, then we hitchhiked there, then we hung out, and we ate some stuff, then we went to San Francisco and yearned in an existental manner for a while, then we went to Kansas."

snooze. I'm sure they can spice it up a little but it won't be "The thrill ride of the summer (!) " that's for sure.
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Dr Funk MD

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... plus this movie's been in development so long that when I first heard about it River Phoenix was supposed to play the lead and he's not even alive any more!