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On My Way To Live Pa!!


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On My Way To Live Pa!!
I may be going thru a mid life crisis or something but the past while I have had the urge to start playing some shows and have started the process by practicing weekly, reaching out to contacts, and going to some events... After going to a party on Saturday I realized it would be best to get a road case for my gear that will allow quick setup and tear down and have decided to go with this so much for wanting to bring a Juno60 along... No more packing shit in plastic totes as this will be the bomb...

Now to put all of the following in it... The idea will be to plug in my power bar to an extension lead and connect my main outs to the house mixer... I may make some side tray's that can mount on the case will have to see how it goes..


A&H Zed14 mixer
Ensoniq DP/4
A4000 sampler
RNC compressor
Midi Thru box
Power bar