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Omni Trio – even angels cast shadows

TaCk OnE?

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fuck, this is a useless thread, dedicated to nothing more, than how super fantastic this album is.

slick, slick, slick.
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Hmmm...Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Omni Trio fan but I was not impressed with this particular album. I loved Haunted Science & Skeleton Keys (Deepest Cut too...but that's more of a compilation) even the new Scale stuff he's doing with Deep Blue. But the Angels album stands out in my mind as the most ho-hum of the bunch.

I dunno why, it's been a while since I've taken a listen. Mebbe I need a good listen to refresh my memory, but you know what they say about gut feelings. I prob won't like it again!

If I do have a listen sometime soon I will put a short critique up :p
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TaCk OnE?

TRIBE Member
I'll give it to you on monday....

I have it at work, not home.

send me a pm to remind me if you don't get it sooner.