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Richard Raiban

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so im on queen st this morning walking west from duncan....i get to the city tv parking lot entrance (which is just east of john st. south side) and as im walk infront of that entrance the one & only KEVIN FRANKISH walks out of the lot!!!!!!!!! we are walking side by side...my heart was pounding!!! memories flashed into my head to a time where i would watch BT and appreciate his child like sense of humour. should i say hi or should i just keep quiet and continue walking? it was the most stressful 30 seconds ive ever endured!!!

unfortunately for me, i chickened out and kept quiet. at that moment he entered the city tv building and i was sad.



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were you wearing suspenders?

if so you would have had something worthy of starting a conversation.
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ooh, I must admit I am jealous! Now that I live in Ottawa (and don't have cable) there is a serious lack of Kevin Frankish in my mornings.


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I love BT... I love it more when I saw my old coworker on TV doing the TTC updates - Kevin (won't mention his last name here).
He invited me and I got to meet the team.
OMG, I know a TV personality, am I a VinylRanch in the making?
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Kevin Frankish has been commuting down to CityTV for BT going on FIFTEEN years now, i hear he'll run you off the 400 if you get in his way.


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^ do you love him this much?

I hope Frankie Flowers gets Liza's spot when she has her baby.


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A Kevin confession!

yes i must agree with you all-Kevin Frankish is the man!! Unfortunately I have been stalking him for years and he always seems to stay one step ahead of me. I am very interested to speak with you regarding your meeting on the street to discuss the circumstances surrounding it-what were you wearing?-Did he smell nice?-Did his butt look nice in his pants?-what kind of pants was he wearing anyway?-sorry I got lost in my thoughts. I have not felt I could tell anyone about my "other job" (hes a very busy man to follow!) so I have been telling people I work as a stripper and therfore keeping these feelings all to myself afraid of ridicule and finally!!!!!-fellow Frankish Freaks! Now I can come out of the Kevin Kloset and speak openly of how I feel about him and how I have dreamt of yanking on his suspender!!! I can finally tell everyone about my Frankish Shrine and invite you to join me there one day to take part in one of the several "Ode to Mr. Frankish" ceramonies I have daily.
Please do not tell him about my feelings or that I am following him-I have put in many long and lonely nites tracking him and feel that I am very close. Its only a matter of weeks now and Ill have him!!
Dayn-;) ====No Really Kevin Frankish is awsome. Hes the best one on BT!


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once after going to a wwf event in guelph when i was younger, i got to walk ravishing rick rude to his car, he had just beaten hacksaw jim dugan, it was awesome, i was like ....wow
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