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OMG I'm posting a mix in the hardcore room!


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And it's an actual hardcore set!

Psyklone - Hardoween
http://www.goodfellaz.ca/Psyklone - Hardoween.mp3

Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - White Borderline
Hanoi - Restricted Area
DJ Paul Elstak - Code Red
Wedlock - I'm The Fuck You Man
Promo - Close Your Eyez [the funky shit]
Darrien Kelly & Scott Brown - Geleihoofd
DJ Toolz Vol II - New Skool into D 'n' B
0=0 - 88
Belladonnakillz - Kill Bella Donna
Kid 606 - Phat with a PHD
Knifehandchop - Return To Chinatown
DJ Toolz Vol I - D 'n' B into New Skool Hardcore
DJ Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ [Tellurian Mix]
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Motherfuck [1996 Remix]
The Demoniac - Kick That Shit!
Shitmat - Theme From the 1998 Morris Dancer Massacre
Ragga-Core Records 01 - White Label
Hellfish - Man vs Machine
Shitmat - B & B
Bjork - Who Is It [Vitale C Remix]

Feedback always encouraged. For booking info please contact me at psyklone@hardcoretechno.ca .


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Wasn't crazy about the first track, but most of this set is wicked. The breaks around the 17-19 minute mark did my fuckin head in! Couple of classics in there too that I remembered from my 'ardcore days.
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