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OMFG!! It's almost the weekend!!

Galactic Phantom

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Holy shit!!
It's 10:15am on a Monday & I can't beleive no one has started a weekend thread yet!!

Tues - Movies
Wed - So You Think You can Dance Party!!!
Thurs - Yoga
Fri - Re-enacting the Civil War with monkeys
Sat - Partying @ Krzysiu's house with awesome shooters, listening to awesome music, and just soaking up each others awesomeness!
Sun - Obviously the beach.
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I might just join you on Friday. We can give the monkeys a "Pride" theme. A little leather and glitter here, a banana hammock there...

hahahaha @ this thread
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I still haven't finished last weekend...picked up some bitches on queen west last night, brought them back to my place and we all danced naked to circuit house until 8 this morning...wooooOooooOo!
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I'm pissed... There's a VERY good chance I'll be stuck in the middle of nowhere (northern quebec) for the weekend. The ONE weekend of the year when I can be a straight man in queer's clothing, fraternizing with any and all women with complete impunity.

Oh well... c'est la vie.


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mon - fri:



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aww zoo i want to hear all about how in:tent is!

maybe having our own little solstice celebration next weekend
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ev said:
ahaha... tomorrow I'm going to start weekend threads for every weekend for the next 4 months.!

I already did that for you, complete with all jelo/sydney blu/activate/TIL events as well as off-the-cuff "pm me for list' comments, so you don't have to worry about a thing.


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Took Friday off to go on a cheap trip to Detroit and see 112.....


gramps died and ruined the whole weekend for me.
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why not said:
monday - recover from weekend, wait for pay cheque to clear.

tuesday - buy some weed in the afternoon, rock out at band practice in the evening, drink way too late at the post practice bar.

wednesday - wake up hungover, do a bit of work in the afternoon, cut mom's hair and go to dinner with her at night.

thursday - go to meeting, then load up van and go to montreal to play show and drink lots of beer.

friday - wake up hungover and sleep it off in the van back to toronto. find stuff to do at night for work, and go to it.

saturday - wake up hungover, do work stuff in the afternoon, find parties to go to at night.

sunday - wake up hungoever, wander around pride, go to the office at night to wrap up this week's work.

shit, just reading that makes my liver hurt.

I don't care what you're doing this weekend.


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all i know is i'm prancing around the gaybourhood wearing fairy wings all weekend. oh and i might check out that david morales guy ;)
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