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Discussion in 'Trance Room' started by solid_sessions, Jan 4, 2002.

  1. solid_sessions

    solid_sessions TRIBE Member

    Okay I seriously need to get rid of these 12"....take your pick and email me your offers (in US currency) to fire999limited@hotmail.com

    Sasha - Arkham Asylum (Deconstruction 1994)

    Yahel & Eyal Barkan - Voyage Remixes (Original/ DJ Tiesto's Magikal Remake) In Trance We Trust

    Yahel & Eyal Barkan - Voyage EP (3 Track EP) In Trance We Trust

    Orkidea - Unity (SteelBlue Fish) LTD One-sided 1st Release

    Pulser - Cloudwalking (All Trance Communication Release ATCR)

    Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave (Planetary Consciousness)

    Frontside - Dammerung (Abducted) - Original Mix featured on Sasha & John Digweed's Northern Exposure 1. Last noted circulated copies was at 1500 worldwide. Last sold on Ebay for US $ 150.

    Westbam Vs Red Jerry - Wizards of the Sonic (Matt Darey Remix) [Wonderboy]

    The Quest - C Sharp (Redemption) - Original Mix

    Illuminatus - Hope (Oliver Lieb Remix) - featured on Sasha's Global Underground

    Leftfield - Open Up/Cut for Life (Vinyl Junkie)- Big Sasha tune!

    Nalin & Kane - Live at the Crystal Palace (Infusion) - Huge Bedrock Remix!

    Rank 1 - Airwave (Manifesto) - Rank 1 Vs Dutch Force Remix/Original

    Bushwacka! - The Egyptian (Plank)

    Tyrant 3LP (Distinctive) - A Wicked, Jazzy Housy compilation by Craig Richards & Lee Burridge (NuBreed Compilation)

    Luzon - The Baggio Track (Ltd Edition One-sided Yoshitoshi Promo)

    Way Out West - Mindcircus Remixes 2LP (Distinctive Promo) - contains never to be released remixes by Jay Welsh & PMT

    Aria - Dido (Armin Van Buuren Rising Star Remix) / Willow (DJ Tiesto's Magikal Remake) - Blackhole

    Allure - We Ran at Dawn / No More Tears (In Trance We Trust)

    Thanks for looking
  2. emiwee

    emiwee TRIBE Member

    i sent you a very reasonable offer for a couple of these records several days ago and haven't heard back...
    i would appreciate some kind of response...

  3. Kid Epic

    Kid Epic TRIBE Member

    I didn't know you dj'd Emma?

    Email me, i've got some stuff i think you'd like =:0)

    Kid Epic

  4. Deus

    Deus TRIBE Member

  5. Kid Epic

    Kid Epic TRIBE Member

    Hey i't super producer Deus!

    You should post your remix on here for everyone to listen to!
  6. ~soulheaven~

    ~soulheaven~ TRIBE Member

    I'd love to grab Puler and C-Sharp from you.

    my e-mail is soulheaven416@hotmail.com

    let me know because I have been looking for those both for along, long time....

  7. CO2

    CO2 TRIBE Member

    MMM...c-sharp...what a FUCKING AMZING track!
  8. emiwee

    emiwee TRIBE Member

    i'm wondering if anyone's had any luck with this guy trying to "get rid" of some of his vinyl...

    he seems to just be looking for a range of what people are willing to pay in order to put everything up on eBay...

    oh well... it's alright... cause i just got my own copy of Yahel - Voyage for $10 (NEW!)... not the $50 USD this guy wanted for his!!!

    emma :p

    i loooooove when i get some good deals... *giggle*

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