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Older Rap & R&B records for sale


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asking $90 for all... or for singles as prices stated... willing to negotiate...

1. MC Hammer - Dancin' Machine (Funk Mix, Funky Club)
MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This (LP Version, Video, Instrumental)
1990 Capitol Records $17

2. The 2 Live Crew - European Ultimix
THe 2 Live Crew - The Funk Shop (Radio Version, Nasty Version)
1990 Skywalker Records $12
(Label is a bit dirty)

3. (A) Artical feat. Chip Fu (Fu-Schniken) & Phife-Dawg (Tribe Called Quest) - Artical
(Original Posse Mix, Sttely & Clevie Posse Remix, Dub Version)
(B) Murderer - Artical (Niles Posse Remix, Original Solo Mix)
1995 Zamba/Jive
Special Edition White Record (Brand New) $15

4. Battle Of The DJ's - Various Artists
(Jam Master Jammin', Eric B Is President, Magnificent Jazzy Jeff, AJ Scratch and many more)
1987 Zomba $7

5. Big Daddy Kane - It's A Big Daddy Thing
(Various Tracks)
1989 Reprise (NEW) $7

6. Salt-N-Peppa - A Salt With a Deadly Pepa
(Various Tracks)
1988 Next Plateau (NEW) $8

7. Salt-N-Peppa with En Vogue - Whatta Man
(House of Vogue Mix, GOlden GIrls MIx, Remix Vocal, Remix Instrumental)
1993 London Records $15
(Label a bit scuffed but record has never been played)

8. Johnny Kemp - Just GOt Paid
(7" Version, Dub Mix, Instrumental, Original)
1988 CBS Records (NEW) $7

9. Luther Vandross - Heaven Knows
(The Work Mix, Classic Instrumental, Momo's Beats, Classic 12" Mix, Classic Radio, Album Version)
1993 Sony Music (NEW) $9

10. Word 2 - Various Artists
(Wee Papa Girls Rappers, Ms Melodie, Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince, Steady B and more)
1988 ZOmba/Jive Records $7

11. Musto & Bones feat. PCP - Dangerous On The Dancefloor
(Club Remix, Dub Mix, LP Remix, LP Dub Mix)
1990 RCA (NEW) $8

12. (A) Information Society - Think (Bradley D Hinkle Mix)
(B) Janet Jackson - Black Cat (Roy McLeod Mix)
Ultimix Promo $9

13. (C) Pebbles - Giving You the Benefit (Rob Harvery Mix)
(D) The Def Syndicate - The A Project (Les Massengale Mix)
Ultimix Promo $8

14. Montel Jordan - This Is How We Do It
(Tee's Mix, Barr 9 Mix, ??? Mix, ??? Mix)
(Label scratched in parts so i couldnt see what mixes, record is new tho)
1995 Rush/DefJam $15
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