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Old Trance Mixtapes


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I make this request every few months, so here goes:

I am looking for these two mixes:

The Dentist - Deep Trance Trip
Nivoc - Baba Ganesh

I bought both of these tapes at X-Static years ago and lost them around the same time. I still have the cases and they sit on my tape wall mocking me daily.

If you have them in tape form and want to do an old-fashioned tape trade, email me and I'll send you a list of my tapes. If these mixes are available for download somewhere, someone point me in the right direction.

I made some connections with people on this board a few months ago about these tapes but I lost their emails.

Thanks for your time!
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i've uploaded side A of baba ganesh to the tribe collective ftp server. check in the general forum for details. also, LoopeD has side B in mp3 format. maybe if we both gang up on him and keep pestering him we can get it off him. ;)

oh, and if you're unwilling to use the tribe ftp, i got side A off of audiogalaxy. search for 'nivoc', and it's the only hit.