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Old science center rave flyers

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Taro said:
does anyone even keep old flyers?

I used to like looking at random collections of flyers at various houses..

I pretty much have the flyer to every Rave I went to starting with Syrous Champions of Champions.


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I've hardly kept any flyers, or thrown them out come moving days. I don't think I've even made it a point of keeping flyers for parties I was playing at.

At least I've got my memor....er wha?
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I don't have any flyers, but I do have a metal lunchbox that I keep my nailpolish in, that is plastered with rave stickers from 94/95.


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LivingRoomPornstar said:
yeah i know! Don't you remember that room near the entrance with the couches and carpet?

You are correct.....they had a small chillout room where the coat check now is....and it was seperated from the front doors with black garbage bags.... :)

Bernnie Federko

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25 years ago. I did this one pretty much open to close. Great show by Bev May and the Mettle crew.