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Old Pictures of Toronto


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^I downloaded quite a few of these pics during my break today and showed them to my kids. They couldn't believe that was Bathurst! Good discussion afterwards about how things have changed in the last hundred years.

mr chris

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cool pics! checked some out today...

then i seen something i've seen before... ice jams!

flooded river with ice

taking the busted up river ice to ice cellars...

riding off busted river ice,


cool train.



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Lol, that was funny a little further south though. Looking at where the Imperial is I would assume this photo is at shuter and young st. and that building is still standing. the buildings on the left is where the Eaton centre stands today.

Wooden roads due to construction of subway

you can make out the Shuter St Street sign


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the silver rail, lol, guess it went down in class thru the years and turned to brass.
woah! i only just figured out that toronto's first bar is now "BUFFALO" and just up the street is urban outfitters. to the left is now the eaton centre.


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new photo blog on Toronto through the ages (by way of BlogTO and Toronto Archives):

The history of Toronto in photos

It's pretty Fucking sick, actually... :)
Actually, the Toronto Archives is where they are all from and available for free to anyone.