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Old Pictures of Toronto


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YES YES YES!!!! I finally found an old pic that I saw years ago of what Yonge & Eglinton used to look like in the 1920s. Awesome threads!



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Toronto Island Airport from the top of the grain elevators at the base of Bathurst St, 1939

Tent Cottages on the Toronto Islands, 1911 - my grandmother was born in one of these:

Toronto Skyline, 193-

Toronto Subway Cars used to have carpeting!


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So trippy....this is the house where I live today, back in 1927!!!! (the forward one on the right)

This stretch of College between Havelock and Gladstone looks pretty much the same. I'm sure those of you who live in the hood would agree!



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you see a lot of buildings around Toronto that have lost their 'caps' - usually due to a fire at some point.