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Old D Flyers

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


TRIBE Promoter
That dude just kinda dropped off the face of the planet or rather located to hawii..

Sounds like he is tyring to have a come back...

I would go see him play, sure he has lots of good classic tracks..

I remeber the JAK parties, one of my favourites was the one in windsor Jak o Latern. The sickness and recovery parties... i went to the one in the corn field i think it was recovery... ? one of the 2 but it was amazing!!

It is fun to look back.


TRIBE Member
Check out the fourth flyer on the second row y'all. It's really hard to see but check out the roster for the chill-out room.....fourth one down....auracle (LIVE)
that's none other than our very own Arthur Oskan woo!!

Little history lesson kiddies.....

J xoxoxo
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