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OLD (but still good) Computer for sale >> No Monitor


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Getting rid of my old CPU. It would be perfect for a student or someone who wanted an extra CPU for a server etc.



Dell Dimension XPS
Pentium II 400 (or 450 I don't remember)
512 RAM
8 GB Hard Drive
CD-ROM (don't remember speed - maybe 16x?)
HP CD Burner (also don't remember speed - maybe 4x?)
Standard Dell soundcard
8 MB ATI video card

Software (installed on computer. Installers not included)

Windows 98
Photoshop 6
Illustrator 9
Flash MX
Roxio CD Creator 5 Full etc, etc I don't remember what else.

Computer works great and is very stable. You could always format the drive of course and start from scratch.

Please note there is no monitor or speakers for sale with this CPU. Comes with an old dirty keyboard and Microsoft scroll mouse if you want them.


Pickup only. I live in the downtown core near the Eaton's Centre. I won't ship. PM me for details.
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Animo Felonico

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Originally posted by PosTMOd
That's really the type of computer that should just be thrown in the garbage, or given away.

You are a sad bitter little man.

- do you actually do anything but jock this board all day? Seriously.


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You can buy a socket adapter and drop a PIII-850 processor into this computer no problem. I did it with my Dell P2-400


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Is it gone or do you still have it??

Hey Machoman, do you still have this computer for sale???

If you do, It would be perfect for my brother. He is in real need of a computer and this is perfect for him to start off with. So everyone just forget this old computer you guys want something fast and flashy, this is slow... Go somewhere else, my brother has yet to own a computer,and this is perfect for him.

Machoman contact me if you really want to sell it. I can meet up with you any day this week.

Take care.