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Olav Basoski

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I thought he played last Thursday (at Level like dj Red Turtle said). Don't quote me though – that's what I heard.
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groovespinna said:
he played last thursday (the 16th). about 70 people showed up.
way to promote.

Are u kidding me? I would have loved to check this out. Why wasnt this mentioned on tribe anywhere?

le bricoleur

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The party was:
Red Roche
Dave Armstrong
Olav Basoski

Red Roche wrecked a couple of mixes.
Dave Armstrong didn't show up (and neither did anyone else).
Olav was fine for the three records I stayed for.

the place was dead and the cage dancers were ugly.



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thats so strange...everytime I hear about Olav spinning somewhere, something weird happens. I would have hit that... Not feeling him that much anymore but his Sampletude series back in the day were always fun.
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was a sad state of affairs... but...

the tunes played were generally good... jsut wish it had more promo.... I tried to do my part and promote a party I'd support... but alas... even people I got on lsit didn't show...

SneakyPete... I'm looking at you :)