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Well, this year I got free tickets. Again.

Apparently Bingeman's has overtaken Concordia as the largest Oktoberfest venue in the city. This is not a good thing.

Hey, it's me, I love a good drunkfest as much as the next guy. But Bingeman's is the epitome of all that is wrong with the current state of Oktoberfest.

They didn't play one German song in all of the two hours I was there. They didn't serve pitchers!! Beer was literally $9 a pop. And the lines were so long, that if you did plan on "drinking" you had to just go from buying a beer, back to the end of the line to get ready for your next.

It very much reeks of the "New Years" effect. An event to go out, for people who never otherwise go out. Hanging out with 4000 people who only go out twice a year is no fun. They tolerate long lines for everything and $9 beers and lack of entertainment or any redeeming activity because, HEY, it's Oktoberfest.

Bavarian festival my ass. Massive cash cow more like.

Now, I don't mean to write off all of Oktoberfest as a pointless profiteering drunkfest. Just Bingeman's Oktoberfest.

There are still small pockets of authenticity within the city and in fact they can be enjoyed year round. You'll find that the average age at Bingeman's might be 25-30, but the real places it's more like 50-60. In an effort to keep the places authentic I won't name names.

At the real places, you can sit down with any group and break into Volkslieder and order a pitcher or three without breaking a sweat or a lineup.

Also there are no cops at the authentic places. If you see a cop -- abrupt turn, go home.

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