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Okay... Im starting my idea's for the Techno House Party..

The Electrician

TRIBE Promoter
I think I want it at my house now, for sure. It's only in the basement though... which is okay...

Dj's I want to play...

The Dukes, Tommy Smalls -- Acme Crew

Erwin J, Akimbo Rob Dearlove --Satan Techno Crew

Isoprax, Dj Internal, The Electrician
-- www.InYerEar.com Crew

and we maybe be able to get Kenny Glasgow to drop by. My room mate works for most wanted. so I can ask... we were gonna have him by b4... so maybe if we are lucky.. then it can happen...

lemme know if there should be anybody else on the dj lineup... rememeber it's a house party and NOT a Rave party...
so not a lot of Dj set times... ya know... 10 till lke 4:30-5:00... 6:00

$5 bucks... and I gotta get some SKULL from the girls when they get there....




TRIBE Promoter
^^^^ damn straight!!

not part of the technificent crew..but Tyler (Engine) would fit in nice aswell Wes...



Adam Duke

TRIBE Member
I agree - engine's gotta be in there too! Especially seeing as this adventure was to be his idea..

Does the $5 go to buying beer for the dj's?

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The Electrician

TRIBE Promoter
I kinda wanna have this at the Lab now... just to accomodate, or would you all rather have a house party... and have another party similar to this one at the lab another time...

at the Lab.. the more the better... the more dj's to more people...


New Member
I prefer having a house party than the Lab...although its a great lounge, I think that the atmosphere in a house is best for partying, and especially a get together like this one...
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The Electrician

TRIBE Promoter
Cool... wel we'll save that for another time...

No I guess.... WHEN!!! when can we have this house party... preferrably a Friday... since I play at the lab on Saturday's...

Or do you guys know someone with a house where we can use their whole house...

anyways... ball is rolling...
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TRIBE Member
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Oh shit... you know you are soooo right... engine will have to be there... he's a host... </font>


Yes Id love to play damnit! Most of you.. actually all of you I think except Doug havent heard me I think. Ill let him speak up for my skills

A house would be wicked! Pot smoking- freely drinking booze. WOuld be wicked! But the Lab would be awsome too. Wes what do you have to do with that place exactly? Subtransit is intrested in using it in the near future actually.

I just got an email from someone who says they have a house that actually used to be a bar- complete with a sound system. That sounds like a might tasty deal to me.

How should invites work? Ive got friends I want to bring of coarse.

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The Electrician

TRIBE Promoter
HAHAHA..... nice one @M, hehe good comeback

Patrick... yes sir. you are more than welcome to come....

ttyl... all you bitched in a dangerous time...

The Electrician

TRIBE Promoter
Okay well Im gonna be talking to my roomates this week about the party... They'll be down... we just dont want like 100 people ya know... so I would like to make a invite guest only thing... 90 people MAX!!!

5 bucks @ the door, were gonna buy some cool deco's to spice up the place.

lets make it happen... I think it would be interesting to make the guest list on this board...
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