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Ok OK wtf is this…

Sal De Ban

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Iggy Azalea was born a man, and used to date JamesM until JamesM saw the peepee, and felt inadequate.
Azealia Banks is acting CEO of Boko Haram, deadly floozy with an Uzi.


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i just found out a little while ago that the singer of the "i'm so fancy" song is Iggy Azalea. I had no idea she's white and from australia. also, she's on TI's record label. and apparently she's considers herself hip hop? ... uh just checked wikipedia. she's won hip hop rap awards from BET? this is too much.


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qtip had to give them all a history lesson on twitter. although more so pointed at iggy i'd say.

best part was on one site some poster started ripping into hiphop and how it only glorifies drugs and violence. clearly this poster has never listened to qtip.