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ok. I've had it. I'm going to throw my


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comp out the window if someone can't tell my why tribe wont rememebr my ass. like.. logging in every two page views is not my idea of fun.

what am I doing wrong!

*bulges eyes out*
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get mozilla firefox and put a firewall inbetween you and tribe and it will fix itself


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I checked that damn box a million times. I know I'm not the only one annoyed with this since the renovation


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quit tribe like gasper did.

Everyone remembers him when he comes back.. why shouldn't tribe be able to remember you?

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Aphrodite said:
I checked that damn box a million times.

Try clicking it a million and one times, if you click it an even number of times you'll just end up with it unchecked.


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no-one but you seems to be experiencing this problem. it is caused by not doing anything on the board for 15 minutes. if you don't load a page or post the board software figures you have left and logs you out after 900 seconds (15 minutes).

type faster!
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The Peej

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mine signs me out at funny times it seems. I just shrug it off and enter my password and keep going.

It remembers my name, but not my password. I guess this is to prevent the uber easy "someone using my name to post" scenario.

The quick post dosen't ask me the password tho.

I got over it, it's just a password.