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ok...another war thread, but live tv...


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i have to admit the coverage right now on cnn is unbelievable...live footage of troops in iraq...a bunch of iraqi's standing around, probably wishing they were somewhere else, & something out of a video game as a camera races across the desert...

talk about reality tv...people discussed the dramatization of the gulf war in 91, but this takes it to another level...


Vote Quimby

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ABC had Ted Koppel live earlier as a column of armoured vehicles drove behind.
It was a very long column. I mean long.


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that cnn coverage is utter shit! i was trying to 'get into it' but how long can you take a video of a tank rolling through a desert while larry king talks over the footage?

larry king...*shudder*


The Watcher

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News Anchor filling time on a subject

What you see here are tanks going in formation... and well they are in a spread formation to cover more ground, so formation means a pattern, and this tanks are in a formation or otherwise known as a pattern to cover more ground... and well,... they are going at a certain speed, in formation, not to get to far away from themselves, wow, it's real amazing to be able to see this live, tanks in formation that is, live in Iraq. We cant tell you exactly where they are, but sufficed to say this is live from somewhere in Iraq,... these tanks in formation, that means they are in a pattern, it's good to learn all these things, it makes watching these tanks so much more exciting.