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i'm gonna die.

i think i actually have to go to the mall at lunch to buy myself larger pants. :|

on the other hand...PANTS!
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I just ate three reese's cups, a ginger bread cookie.. and a large hot chocolate in 1 hour.

And now my mouth is green because of the sprinkles.

And I am still hungry.

I think I'll go swimming tomorrow after work.
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Originally posted by mingster


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Update: I have really bad gas, which is why I'm enjoying work right now... I love letting them rip.

I AM an ape... get used to it, ya not-ape-wannabes.
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can I be a member of this club too?

no gym since late November + sick amounts of booze + an even more retarded amount of highly fattening food =

Jennifer The Mammoth Sloth :(


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Been almost 2 months since my last Pilates workout.
Haven't followed my "regime" probably the same time... although haven't really gained a pound.

Although I need to start getting off my ass and do some walking at least, I feel it's catching up.
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i bought a pair of pants two weeks ago and now they are too small.....

i feel like kirby from the video game...

but then again i quit my physical labor job so i am no longer getting 8 hours of excersize a day and therefor i am now blowing up like a balloon...


j bunny 2000

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Ack ...i have the opposite problem. I've stressed myself out to much lately and lost weight. My pants are hanging off my ass and i need to fill myself out again.


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After years of not gymmin it, Im rawkin 5 days a week now!

Go gettin smaller pants!
(just to be the opposite of said thread)
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haha! melanie!

last night i was a tad b.l.o.a.t.e.d. from all the pasta i ate!
[what can i say alfredo leftovers! you can't go wrong!]

and boy am i glad that stretchy clothes are back in!
stretchy jeans, stretchy skirts... i love it

but the low-ness...ack my ass crack or thong are always hanging out! how ghetto... but hey! what can ya do! it's better than having to unbutton your pants in public, and work the sweater so no one notices until you get home! ahah


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Originally posted by mingster
i love unbuttoning my pants after a meal. ah yes. :D

... and then I see that my stomach has no ab definition anymore like it used to be.



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Originally posted by mingster
ahhh...stretchy pants. my new best friends.

I am all about the stretchy pants.

Today I am sporting my loose (looks like pjs) pants.

It ties at the top.. and looks professional still.. sooo comfy.

Just need to find some leg warmers to wear underneath cuz damn it.. IT IS COLD OUT THERE!
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