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oh snap.


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Oh my.....if they had a board though......I'd probably seriously feel bad for invading it....

after I stopped laughing though.....

Damn, that is a straight ticket to hell on the Express train no less!


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You want to make fun of the victims of priest abuses?

Maybe we could follow up with a sexual assault survivors group.

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Yeah.. it's not really a forum worth invading.. These people got seriously damaged by some scary old dudes.

Now if you found a forum for Preists who Enjoy the Company of Children in Evangelic Religions.. or PECCER, i would be willing to help bomb the site.


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Originally posted by Sleepy Giant
You so wouldn't
I so would.....after the fact.

I mean sure, I'd get caught up in the moment, running wild through the HTML of their webpage.

But then I'd reflect on what I'd done, maybe hit the communion wine a bit....

Yeah, I would.

Hrm, I wonder if AlterdBoy is an available username?
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