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Oh sheet , we did it....


TRIBE Member
D (lysistrata) and I are engaged, like really wtf - this isn't one of them fake threads, it's real.

I'm happy and confused.........but god damn do I love her!



TRIBE Member
i dont know you, but congratulations.
your woman has awesome looking eyes.
kinda like my girlfriends.

Booty Bits

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the only reason i believe you that this isn't a fake thread is that you actually posted a picture of your entire face!
it must be a special occasion!

mazel tov to both of you.

miss riot

TRIBE Promoter
holy shits !! You guys totally seem into it, congrats - I can already see you both old & crotchety sexing it up somewhere on a Bravo or Showcase sex special. :D :D :D

Aerius Zension

TRIBE Member
Congrats Thom from Sonya and me. Marriage is bliss.

But one day she'll go out on a girls night with the girls and you'll be home playing Xbox and waiting for her to come home as she comes home loud and drunk...I can't continue, she's reading this now. Congrats again, we'll have to hook up for drinks soon.

ps, love the pic. Oh, you guys are in it too. :p