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Oh Joy! A new adventure, how to get out of the bar biz....


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So I'm done. Ten years is a little too long for me, so I've decided to skip away and head out into the world on a new adventure.

The problem? No experience other than working in a bar. Also, I have no idea where to start.

I've revamped my resume, posted it on Monster, have been searching Craigslist. The thing is, I really don't want an office job, so it's not about entry level stuff. Seriously, I'll work in retail, at a Chapters. I'll work in a mall. I'll be a receptionist at a salon. Flight attendant. Travel agent. Honestly, anything other than a bartender or server.

Has anyone done this? I've tried applying to places (it's only been a few days, I know it takes time), but I'm just curious how effective something like this can be without experience. Would it be easier for me to just head out there and hope someone takes a chance? Or anyone have any leads or know of any places that would take a chance?

Any help would be appreciated, cause really, I don't know where to start! I feel like the internet email application experience is a drag and may not actually get me anywhere.



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High school kids get jobs in a mall, usually armed only with the experience of making apple-bongs. Just apply, it's not rocket surgery.


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i would think a transition into hospitality would be easy enough - i like the flight attendant idea - but really, when looking for a new job, use your friends.

Don't you have anybody you know that you can look at and say "I want to do that!".

take them out for lunch, get them to talk about what skills you need, and as your friends they should know you enough to tell you what you either need to go back to school for, or who you should talk to next.
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It can actually make pretty good money. My friend got her songs used in a couple of commercials and got some decent change from it. i.e. she made more from those two commercials than I did all last year. You need the hookups for that kinda shit, though. And she went through a LOT of hard times before she actually started seeing any success.


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a serious reply:

synchro - you probably need to work on the type of resume you have. you want to put together one that hilights all of the skills you've picked up from being a server, while not chronologically listing all of the places you've served with your experiences listed underneath.

make a list of your qualifications that directly relate to what you've learned while serving, and list them.

below that, put the places that you've worked and the dates that you worked there.

most importantly, write a cover letter that explains what you've been doing for the past ten years, what made you want to switch to a new field, and why you think you're qualified for the new position. (i.e. - you're a fast learner, you think on your feet, and you're passionate when faced with new challenges, etc.)
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you need to speak french of another language to become a flight attendant (eg: chinese speakers will be booked to fly to china)


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I think she speaks southern drawl as a second language so prolly ok for the Toronto-Atlanta route... Maybe get a job as a flight attendant for FedEx?
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Have you considered a job in the music or media industries? It clearly doesn't take much experience or knowledge of the field to succeed at places like Much, MTV Canada, etc.


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1. Steal underpants
2. Demonstrate how to suck a golfball through a garden hose
3. Profit

Step 2 will get you into any industry
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jus me

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Similar situation to a friend of mine...

Worked in bars throughout university and went to teach english abroad for a few years. Finally realized they didn't have substantial experience for her field (music) other than performing and writing as a hobby.

Came back to Canada and started applying to media industry type jobs and finally landed...a marketing internship! Doesn't pay that much (if at all), but it's a step in the right direction that might lead somewhere interesting. Start looking at websites like workinculture.ca or other media job sites.


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You could become a social media guru. All you really need to be one of those is the ability to use Facebook, Myspace and Twitter and liberally pepper your conversations with all the latest hip marketing buzzwords. It also helps if you're a smug shit-tard with an "alternative" hairstyle and some sort of nonsensical tattoo with random asian letters on your arm.


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I would check out staffing agencies to get a start and build some experience. I know Randstad which is a staffing agency hires temps for all types of work whether it be office, retail, factory etc..

I am sure there are other staffing agencies out there but I found the best was randstad.

Good luck!


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Seriously, I'll work in retail, at a Chapters. I'll work in a mall. I'll be a receptionist at a salon. Flight attendant. Travel agent. Honestly, anything other than a bartender or server.
It's not that hard.... those things you listed are entry level, that lots of high school students get with no previous experience.

That being said, do exactly what Jesux said and tailor your resume to the job you want. If it's chapters, list that you're an avid reader under your interests. If it's a music store, list your interests/experience related to that. List any computer skills you have, Microsoft Word/Excel, typing speed. Can you still speak french?

Connections really do help, ask around, maybe someone you know works at H&M or Chapters, etc.

NOW is the time to get out there, because university students are coming back to the city. Check craigslist, walk around the mall asking if they're hiring and drop off a resume, walk around your area where you live and do the same.

Starbucks is a good place to work, and they seem to always be hiring. Tanning salons and spas always seem to need receptionists.
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