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From the old Wintergalactic thread....

Originally posted by I-Drop
prediction... this party will booooomb

(This post was edited by the author to remove extremely negative and degrading comments about the author of the above quoted post which were spurred on by another thread entirely. They were removed out of personal shame for attacking a moron on a message board.)

(Hence the lack of its original text, as nothing could be salvaged.)

(Thank you.)

(PS I-Drop is clearly a moron.)

(DAMN! I did it again. Oh well, that was way less harsh than calling him a donkey fucking ass licker.)

(SHEEIT. Oh well, it's destiny.)



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you *did* start an entirely new thread about it.

and "lotflmfao" - "laughing on the floor laughing my fucking ass off". a bit redundent, dunchathink?

you really *are* a moron.

oh sheeit.

i responded, thus bumping your thread to the top.

guess i'm a moron too.

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