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oh can we say VITAL????????


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yes yes.... again another amazing event. amazing night. amazing time.

it all began with my ghetto-styles high school walk with my brother, Kevin... what a walk in deed.

then up the stairs to enter B-Side....

Jager shot... sex on the beach..

to be greeted by the stylings of Mattlok...
he is seriously a very talented dj. It was my first time hearing him and he didn't hesitate one moment behind the decks as he made the room get their groove on to some serious house styles...

next was Green olive.. oh breaks.. OH BREAKS.... how I love thee. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing an entire dance floor dance in unison to some funky breaks tunes... holy hell. the floor was bouncing and the crowd was pure smiles...

I wish I could have stayed longer but visits from my dad take precedence... BUT this was truly a stellar event and incredible evening.

So many smiling friends... such a warm feeling I had in that environment.. a room completely filled with people I truly love being around.

thanks C.C.

~ Johane


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do not stare directly at jo's nose. may cause temporary blindness. *muah* nice seeing you dahling!

i was beat from friday so i just didnt have the stomach to drink and legs to dance but a brief but good time nonetheless. hold tribe peeps reprazentin vital batman!


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I don't think I stopped smiling the entire night.
Pina colada's started out the night and then the music too over, while all the other smiling faces I knew kept me going.
That was toooooooooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!!!
(Even with the mad sore throat)


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Great party for the time I was there, had to leave early due to the fact the g/f was working today.

Hope you had a good one shawn... When I left you looked like you were on another trip to the spinning universe.

Also i couldn't find the donations table on my way out?!

Did you get any donations, what do we need to do to keep great parties like this going?


da MiGHTy pLUm!

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had an amazing time.
lots of alcohol.
lots of friends.
met some of the tribers.
this is what vital's all about.
here's to hoping this won't be the end for vital.

and putting tabasco and worchestershire sauce in your friend's beer can lead to funny results.

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i had fun, never been to bsides before, and it was a really nice surprise, as i was expecting something that would resemble a closet, which it definitely did not...

got to dance for a while, there was nuff space and i've now come to the conclusion, i really like breaks...

I've never met you CC, but i hope you had a good birthday, and thanx for throwing the party


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yes yes, here's my post. i'm sure most of you thought i was dead, but i've dodged the bullet once again. another year older, and another year keeping my zero puke streak alive. as much as some of you tried to beat me down with shots of just about everything, i came out on top again. sure i had no idea what was going on, and had a hard time walking or talking, but i survived.

much love for all the djs who donated their time and played amazing sets, and some of which traveled quite far just to play. Premis once again was a bit nervous to open the night, but through down some wicked tunes. Ruckus just crushed it for the second set of the night with such diverse sounds of d&b. then mattlok took to the decks, and i wasn't sure what we had in store for us as he didn't really know what tunes our crowd would like, but he got off to a good start with flowers (my special request), and then dropped down with some of my favorite funky house classics. Green Olive was next up, and he did what he does every time out... rip the place down.

such an amazing evening. appologies to anyone that i didn't give enough attention to, as i was spread pretty thin with so many people there, and i was a little (or maybe a lot) too drunk to really budget my time well. i don't even know if i got a chance to dance for more than 5 or 10 minute. oh well, i probably would have fallen over anyways.

thanks for all the support. it's so hard to put promoting parties on hold after that night. not too sure what to do,... just remember that i'll still be keeping busy with organising the saturday nights at gypsy coop. so you may see the return of vital parties somewhere in the future. we'll see. august is still tempting to do an official last "b-side" party, where people can be a little more prepared.

and thanks for all the sweet presents and support from mcbee, andrea, nada and david, smiley joe, christie, pornstar and ninjetta, echo.... so may other people to mention, but i think i would use up a whole otehr page. thanks everyone.

from what i remember, or from what i could faintly see through my half closed eyes, everyone had a damn good night. so many people came out for this that it was hard to walk two or three feet without walking into someone else i knew. this is how everyone should spend a b-day.



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on another note, all the support and encouragement i've been getting lately has been great. apparently i must have done something right along my little promoting and or personal route.



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i'm waaay too tired right now to write a real review right now but just quickly....

holy ridiculous world last nite!!!

now that was a party!!!!
i'm so glad it went so well and that so many people could come out and have a fun nite!!

glad i could help make your birthday one to remember shawn!!
happy birthday sweetie!!!


Smiley Jo

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This party and all the great people there made my severely ASS day into a bearable one.
Thanks tons.

Mattlock was wicked, (playin' Pumpim' over top of Spaced Invader..that was the shit guy!) and Green Olive was too funky! Yep, I was dancin to breaks again... Look out scout!

Svet, thanks for helping my drown my sorrows in Pina Colada's. You are too good to me. And thanks for hugs from Johane, Echo, Sarah, Duncan, Jay, Dan, Matt, Kevin and anyone I forgot..

Shawn, hope you had a good one buddy, even though you were MIA for a bit. Hope the brownies were good. Hugz!

I'm so glad I got to experience Vital one last time. Toooooo fun.

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dj velocity

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sounds like it was an amazing night!!
Happy birthday Shawno! You still have quite a few shots coming your way. My goal is to break the record!
respect as always to the whole Vital crew and everyone who made it out


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by mcbee:

It just feels like we're in ridiculous world!

Quote of the night, hands down!

As usual, I don't know where to begin!!
But I'll start with Mine and Jo's high school walk to bside from my work at midnite (read: king cans of heineken in brown paper bags hid by skateboard)...We even passed by a parked cop car and I was worried about getting caught w/ a fine, only to drive by the next day to find that the reasonthe car was there was because we had actually walked directly in front and beside the 51 precinct (without noticing)! We got there late but in time to see some poor kid getting shot down with his fake ID (good thing Jo is 19 now finally!!)...Then the traditional vital/jagermeister beggining to a crazy night...Everything that is always there @ a Vital party was present - from Jody the bartender to me ending the night with sloppy dancing to carrying assorted boxes of flyers and a mixer through pandemonium afterwards (although this time the mixer wasn't 10 thousand pounds!)! Highlights of the night included the high school walk, the walk to Andrea's car, the cab door that I *didn't* break and birthday cake @ Sarahs...Ok that review was as disjointed as the night was, so I'm stopping

Thanks Vital!


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Vital once again was good times!

I dragged my ass a little that night, finally got on the road and picked up Amy(Space Cadette) and got down to the party at about 12:30...it was pumpin!

At first I couldn't see anyone I knew, and was starting to worried that I had come the wrong night or something! I turn the final corner of the bar, and looky looky here is the tbk in all their smiley glory!

I really enjoyed the breaks that night, which was pretty evident judging by the sweaty condition I found myself in.

Happy Birthday Shawn, it certainly looked like you were having a good time!

Special shoutouts to kev(the hair is gold guy), Sarah, mutslaster(other sarah, i hope you're feeling better sweets), jo and svet, johane, jay, amy/echo, and finally Lil miss space cadette for making the night that much more memorable!

Dude, Sah-weet!